Welcome To Kitchen Misfit.com

Pardon the dust, I’m currently revamping KitchenMisfit.com!

My name is Nick Meier and I have a confession to make, I used to be a Kitchen Misfit. My wife used to practically chase me out of the kitchen when it was time to cook. But that was then and this is now. That was 10 years ago, now I’m the cook and I’m chasing her out of the kitchen because she is just getting in my way.

Now, I had a big boost in the right direction when I really learned to cook. My neighbor was a trained chef and we hit if off right away. Over the next few years I helped him work in his food truck and prepare for catering events. What I learned are the techniques that real chefs use be to efficient in the kitchen and how to execute recipes. That’s all you have to do. If you think that you need to reinvent every recipe you make to be a good home cook you’re wrong.

I’m not sure that the interment has revolutionized anything like it has cooking. There are thousands of cooking sites, big and small that are publishing thousands of new recipes everyday. Pinterest was practically built in recipes and I use it every week to find new and exciting recipes for my own family.

Of the lifetime of this blog I’m going to be focusing on sharing the meals that I make for my family, where I find them and how I make them. We’ll be covering basic techniques that you can practice to speed up your meal prep and cooking time.

I promise, what I do in the kitchen isn’t hard and if I can get the hang of it, so can you!